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How it works

Start tracking your resumes in a few easy steps.


List your resume links

In your account, list the resume links you want to track by inserting the original URL and a reference name.


Create a job application

Create a new job application for each job you want to apply. We'll create unique trackable links for each application.


Copy trackable links or download resume

Copy the trackable links in your resume or download your resume, pre-edited by the software.

List your resume links and see which get the most attention.

  • Easily enter the links you wish to track in the software.
  • See which links get the most views across all your job applications.
  • Track your progress from every device: laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Individually track each job application.

  • Each job application has a list of your links, with unique trackable addresses.
  • Download your resume with all links already edited or copy each links separately.
  • See how every link performs in each application.
  • Receive a notification email when one of your resume links gets visited.

Customize each trackable link to make it look professional and trustworthy.

  • Choose the domain name based on the link category.
  • Customize the link back-half to describle the link content.
  • Let people know what to expect before clicking the link.

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